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What Can You Do with a Church SMS System?

There are all sorts of tools and services out there for churches to take advantage of. But have you ever thought about setting up a church SMS system?

SMS (texting) is a vastly popular means of communication, so it makes sense to be texting your congregation about information that pertains to them.

But what kinds of texts should you send?

The answer is: any info that people want to know!

Here are some examples.

General Church SMS System Updates

Your church SMS system can be used to notify about event times, details, reminders, or changes.

A simple notification could go a long way toward boosting attendance and participation for your events.

Youth Group

A text alert system could be particularly useful with youth groups, since this group of people are stereotypically known for being constantly on their phone!

You can send updates to students and parents about what the youth group is up to (where they’re meeting for dinner, what time they’re departing for camp, etc.).

Service and Event Cancellations

Here in the Midwest, the winters get cold and sometimes snowy or icy. When a big snowstorm occurs, what’s the best way to let people know that service is canceled?

The answer: SMS.

Specific Ministries

In addition to youth group, other specific ministries can use text alerts as well.

For example, our church has a girls’ choir ministry. The director sends out text alerts to the girls and their parents with important announcements and updates. We also have a small group Bible study that uses text alerts to remind people when study is going on.

Prayer Requests

One final use for a church SMS system is for sending prayer requests.

Is there an urgent or important need in your church body? You can keep people in the know by sending a quick text blast.

How Could You Use a Church SMS System in Your Church?

These are just a few quick examples of texting’s usefulness for church ministry.

If you’re wanting to try it for your church, sign up for a free test account today! (You can also check out our Help Center for information on how the service works.)

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