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Weather Cancellations? No problem!

With the crazy weather the country has had these last few weeks, I’m sure we’ve all had to cancel one event or another.  Here in Nebraska, we have had to cancel several events not only for snow, but for just being cold! (We hit -10 degrees this last Sunday).

Snow storm


When you have weather cancellations, or you do cancel an event for some reason, what is the best way to let people know?  You can post it on your website, and some people will check and see it there.  You can send an email out, and about 30% of people will read it (and only about 15% will read it that day).  Or there is another solution.  Text alerts!  With just a few clicks of your mouse, 90% of your group (The percentage of American’s that have text-messaging capabilities) within just a few seconds!

Want to see how it works?  Go ahead and try an no-obligation free test account

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