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Using Your Control Panel: Message Templates

Sometimes you may want to save templates of messages so that you can use the same wording in future messages without having to type it all out every time.  This tutorial will walk you through the “Message Templates” page so that you understand how to do this.

message template- 2

Create a Message Template

To create a message template, click the green “Create a Message Template” button.

message templates- 3

This will take you to another screen in which you will type out the content of your message template into the text box.

message templates- 4

Click “Save Template” and your message template will be created.  Your message template will now show up on the “Message Templates” page.



The Template Table

The “Message” column of the template table will show you the content of each message template.

Message templates- 8

The “Created” column shows the date and time that the message template was created.

message templates- 9

Clicking on the icon underneath the “Send Template” column will take you to the “Send a Message” page, from which you can select the recipients of the message.

message templates- 7

Click the “Edit” icon to edit the content of your message template.message templates- 6

Click the “Delete” icon to delete that message template.

message templates -10

You can use the search box to search through your messages templates to find a specific one.

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