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Using Your Control Panel: Message Replies

If you send out a message and subscribers reply to your message, you can view these replies from an inbox on your Control Panel.  This tutorial will walk you through the “Message Replies” page.

messages replies- navigation

The Inbox

Your Message Replies Inbox looks like this:


From this page you will be able to see a detailed report of the replies you have received to your messages.

  • The “Read” column shows you whether or not you have viewed a particular reply.  Unread replies are darkened and have bold text; once you click on a reply to view it, the text and the icon for that reply are lightened, indicated it as “Read.”
  • The “From” column shows the name, phone number, or email address of the person who replied.
  • The “Date” column shows the day and time that the reply was sent.
  • The “Message” column shows the content of the reply.

If you click on one of the replies you will be able to see the history of messages and replies to and from that particular subscriber, and you will also be able to quickly type in another message to that subscriber:

Other Features

You can change how many entries from your subscriber list are shown by clicking the arrow (above the table) that says “Show __ entries.”  Then from the drop-down menu that appears, you can select 10, 25, 50, or 100 entries.

You can search through your message replies by typing a search query in the text box.


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