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Using Your Control Panel: Import Subscribers

If you have a list of subscribers you want to import into your account, you can do so from the “Import Subscribers” page.

import subscribers navigation bar

Format and Template

This message will appear at the top of the page, explaining what format your spreadsheet needs to be in:

format and template box

You can also click on the “template spreadsheet” link to download a spreadsheet in the right format.  Downloading that template will give you a spreadsheet in the following format:

import subscribers template

The only required field is the “PhoneNumber” field; the rest of the information is optional.  You can also add an “Email” column and multiple “GroupName” columns if you want to add a subscriber to multiple groups (note: your groups must have already been created on your account).import subscribers spreadsheet

Uploading Your Spreadsheet

After you fill out the information on your spreadsheet, you can upload it here:import subscribers3

You can either click to find the file on your computer, or you can drag and drop it to upload.

Your subscribers will then be uploaded!



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