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Using Text Alerts For Your Spa or Salon

If you own a spa or salon you are familiar with all the challenges that come with that job. You have one-time customers, no-shows (Check out our blog article on avoiding no-shows), and days that business is just slow.

Fortunately, text alerts can help with all three of these issues! They can turn one-time customers into loyal customers, they can turn no-shows into yes-shows, and they can bring in much needed business during those slow times of years.

Turning One-time Customers into Loyal Customers

Salons and Spas stay in business because of repeat customers. There’s no way around it.  If you don’t have repeat customers, you won’t be able to succeed in this industry. When there are 30 other Salons or Spas in your area, what reason do customers have to choose yours instead?  Maybe you have great service, but others do as well. You really need a way to set yourself apart from the competition.

Text alerts are a great way to do that. One customer does this by sending out beauty tips to their subscribers on a regular basis. Each time a beauty tip is sent, it starts to solidify your brand in the recipients mind. When it’s time for them to choose a Salon for their next visit, your beauty tips might be the thing that tips the scale in your favor.  At $11.99/month for text alerts, just converting one one-time customer into a regular customer can pay for the whole service by itself!

There are other ways to encourage repeat customers through text alerts. Send coupons, send fashion trends, the possibilities are endless.

Turn No-Shows into Yes-Shows

We did an entire blog article on this a few weeks ago, so I won’t spend too much time on it, but essentially, text alerts can help you eliminate no-shows.  The #1 reason that people don’t show up for appointments that they were scheduled for is “I forgot.” Send them a text message 2-3 days before the appointment, and you can cut your no-show rate down 80% or even more!

Pick Up Business During Slow Times

Hopefully with so many repeat customers and no more no-shows you don’t have slow times anymore. But, if you do, our customers have found out that mobile coupons are extremely effective at bringing in new business.

For many people, with so many choices in the service industry, they are relived when the decision as to which hairstylist to go to is made for them. “Where should I go? Oh, I have a 20% off at this Spa, I’ll go there.”  Our existing customers have found this to be extremely effective (and this isn’t actually limited to the Salon/Spa industry, this has been found to be very effective in all industries).

And believe it or not, mobile coupons have actually been found to be more effective than traditional coupons, and nearly 10% of the cost. Customers are up to 50% more likely to use a mobile coupon instead of a paper coupon, and while paper coupons can cost hundreds of dollars per month, text alerts through Mobile Text Alerts are only $11.99/month for unlimited messages.

Try Mobile Text Alerts today. Get a free trial (no credit card required), and just try out how easy it is to send and schedule messages, and increase your revenue.

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