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Using Text Alerts in Real Estate

One industry that we have seen tremendous growth in over the last year is the real estate industry. Real estate agencies across the country are using text alerts to instantly inform their customers about new listings or information on closing deals.



No longer do house-hunters need to look in the newspaper for house listings, now you can receive these house listings straight to your phone.

Our real-estate customers have also had tremendous success printing messages like “Text ‘BRRealtor’ to 662-200-4303 for more information about this listing”. Many people who wouldn’t stop in to an open house, or call for information, are completely willing to simply send a text message to receive some automated information. And once that person has texted in to the system, their number is saved into your system and you have the ability to follow up with them at a later date.

Most realtors have less than 500 people they need to message, so they are able to use our unlimited standard plan for only $25.99/month. Try a free test account today.

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