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Using Text Alerts For Password Recovery

Several customers have started using Mobile Text Alerts for password recovery.  When someone forgets their password, most websites have a “Forgot your password” link.  Usually, this is accomplished by sending the user an email.  But why not send these passwords out as text messages instead?


Emails can take several minutes to actually be delivered, and then can get lost in the user’s massive email inbox.

So how exactly are our customers doing this?  In two main ways.

  1. Use the Mobile Text Alerts Control Panel, and have your Support team send out the messages manually.  This works great for small teams with few customers.  If you have thousands of customers, and have several people needing to reset their password on a regular basis, then you should try #2
  2. Utilize the Mobile Text Alerts API.  With some programming, you can automatically set up the “Forgot Your Password” link to text the user their reset password.
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