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Using Text Alerts For Package Tracking

Want to add an instant sense of professionalism to your business?  Why not give your customers that ability to receive package tracking via text message?



There’s a reason that some of the biggest companies in the world (Amazon, Sears, Wal-Mart, etc) use text messaging for package tracking..  Because people love it!  No one likes sitting around waiting for a package for days and days without any sense of when it might actually show up.  Customers also find it tedious to sit down at a computer, remember their log in details for the website, log in, and find the tracking information.  It is so much simpler for your phone to buzz, and you pull it out with a message “Your package has been shipped, it will arrive on Tuesday.”

Happy customers are returning customers, and returning customers means more profit for your business!

Sign up for a free trial account today and see how we can help your business use text alerts for package tracking.

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