Using Text Alerts as a Nursery Notification System

June 13, 2018 | Back to the Blog

Nurseries are great resources for congregations to have, but caregivers sometimes need to get in touch with parents attending the service. With a reliable SMS service in place, nursery workers can alert parents when their children need immediate attention, and parents can have the peace of mind they need when they are present for a church service. With a text alert service in place, you could change the way that your congregation worships and improve the worship experience for parents.


As a parent, it’s important that I be notified immediately if there is some situation that requires my parenting.  This is true for my 2 year old, but is even more true for my 3-month old who is still breastfed.  I appreciate the nursery contacting my wife to let them know my son needs to be fed, and not trying to take care of it themselves..

So what is the best notification system to get a hold of parents about their kids?  Well, traditionally pagers or beepers have been what most churches use to accomplish this.  This method works ok, but sometimes it is difficult to keep track of the pagers, and and whole pager system can end up becoming quite costly.

While expensive pagers may have been the best way to notify parents 5-10 years ago, nowadays almost every person already has an expensive pager that they purchased for themselves called a cell phone.

This is where Mobile Text Alerts comes in.  With Mobile Text Alerts, you have an easy to use Control Panel that can list all the parents of the kids in your nursery.  Simply check the checkbox next to the person you would like to contact, enter in a message such as “Your child needs to be fed, thanks!” and click send.  Within about 15 seconds, that parent receives the message as a text message on their phone, and they come running.

This method has worked great for many churches across the country, and costs just a fraction of what a traditional nursery notification system might cost.

Pastor H. of a church in Mount Vernon, Ohio who uses text alerts as their nursery notification system writes “Mobile Text Alerts has developed an excellent service. We use it all the time.”

If you would like to get started with an SMS service, feel free to try a free test account today. You’ll discover how an online SMS service can bring about a positive experience in your church nursery.

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  • William Shirley says:

    What do we need to do the mobile text alert system? Trying to get away from the vibrating devices that you have to charge each day.

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