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Using text alerts for little league baseball

This has been an up and coming industry that has been utilizing text alerts for a couple of years now.  Many professional sport teams are using texts for special promotions, available tickets, and advertising; but what about little league teams?


One great thing about Mobile Text Alerts is that it makes sending text alerts affordable for everyone!  While text messaging used to be reserved for high budgets, with Mobile Text Alerts low pricing (Check out Pricing), even your son’s little league baseball can take advantage of the new trend.

Let your parents know about schedule changes, weather updates, or even stats and scores after the games.  This is a great way to increase engagement, and keep the parents in your little league happy.

Oh, and it’s not limited to baseball.  We have customers sending out text alerts for Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Karate, and even Cheerleading.  As always with new technologies, the possibilities are endless.

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