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Using Text Alerts For Hotels

One severely underutilized area for text alerts is in the hotel industry. Many of our customers have found tremendous success using text alerts to enhance their guests’ experience.

Success has been found largely in these two areas:

  1. Improving the experience of your guests – This can be done in various ways: Sending out weather information, sending checkout time information, etc. Are there any special events/social hours going on at your hotel? How about special events in the community around you?You will be amazed at how far a few texts like this can go for your guests in distinguishing you from other hotels. This is also a great way to get subscribers into your system.
  2. Promotions for future stays – Once you have a subscriber-base built in to your system, then you can begin sending out promotional texts. Make sure you don’t send these out too often, or it can have negative effects. But a once-in-a-while ‘10% off’ or ‘$99 nights!’ text can bring in big business when used correctly.

Are you a member of the hotel industry? Are you using text alerts as part of your marketing plan? What practices have you found to be most effective?

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