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Using Text Alerts to Fight Crime

As the world moves more and more towards being mobile-driven, many public services have begun taking advantage of the new technology to improve our society. One way many organizations is using text alerts is to cut down on crime.



Starting in June of 2014, the four major wireless carriers started allowing free texts to go out to 911. This can be extremely helpful in many cases when making a phone call would be dangerous or impossible. The government is catching on to what mobile marketers have always known — SMS is one of the best ways to reach people quickly.

Text messaging has also been found to be extremely effective inĀ tip offs. In Bakersfield, CA, citizens can text in tips that they might otherwise not feel comfortable reporting (or may just be too lazy).

Even smaller violations can be improved on by using text messaging. In Moscow, drivers can sign up to receive a text alert 20 minutes before their car is going to be towed. This frees up law enforcement processes, and in June of 2014 saved the city of Moscow $2.6million.

These are just a few of the small ways that text alerts have improved different sectors of our lives, and have saved people money. How could your business use text alerts that might save money?

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