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Use Text Alerts to Make Money

Many of our customers have come up with unique ways to use Mobile Text Alerts to supplement their income.  One of the most valuable commodities that exists is information.  And with text alerts, you have the ability to get this information into the hands of people who want it, often charging them monthly.


Here are a few examples of how some of our customers are using text alerts to make money:

  • One pharmaceutical company sends out text alerts about the “Pollen Count” every morning.  This service is invaluable to people with allergies, and many people will pay $15-$30/month just to receive this information every morning.
  • Several of our customers send out sports scores and statistics to their subscribers after each game.  Some send it for free to compliment other services (fantasy football, etc), but some charge monthly just to receive these statistics.
  • Text-me-the-weather uses text alerts to send weather forecasts to its customers every day, and also to alert their customers when severe weather is on the way.

These are just a few examples of ways people are using their information and text alerts to make extra money.  It’s important to note though that it is not the information itself that is valuable in these situations.  Anyone can get on google and look up the pollen count, or the statistics from the OKC game Monday, or the weather for tomorrow.  What is valuable with these services is the convenience of the information.  It’s that the information is delivered to their message inbox when they want to receive it.

What is some information that you have access to that you could send out by text alerts?

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