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When Should You Use Text Alerts for Emergencies and Urgent Updates?

Should you use text alerts for emergencies for your organization or business?

And if so, when should you use text alerts for emergencies and urgent situations?

It’s common knowledge that our world and society is relying more and more heavily on texting. So it follows that texting would be a quick and efficient way to get emergency info out to a large number of people.

But there are so many potential scenarios. When can text alerts be useful?

Here are a few examples.

text alerts for emergencies

When should you use text alerts for emergencies or urgent updates?

1. Weather cancellations

Sometimes weather just won’t cooperate and you need to let people know that the office is closed or an event is canceled. This can save a lot of miscommunication and annoyance.

2. Drills

Text alerts can be a quick way to help get info across in a fire drill, active shooter drill, or other such emergency drills. And although ideally you will never need it in a real emergency situation you can find some comfort knowing you have that tool available just in case.

3. Fraudulent emails

Is there some kind of fraudulent email/phishing scam going around that you want to make the office aware of? Send a quick text to help everyone be on the alert.

4. Emergency prayer

One customer of ours even uses text alerts to let people know about “emergency prayer requests.” Inform people about prayer needs during urgent situations.

5. Outages

Is there some kind of internet outage or power outage in your office? Use a text alert to let employees know to work from home or to come in late, or to just keep them updated on the progress of getting the issue resolved.

6. Shift openings

Schedules change and sometimes a shift opening needs to be filled quickly. One way to let people know about this is by sending a text alert to anyone who could fill the opening. They’ll receive it on their phones right away and can respond as soon as possible.

These are just a few examples of what you can do with text alerts to keep people updated and in the know on short notice.

Interested in giving it a try? Sign up for a free test account today!

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