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How to use SMS to maximize the effectiveness of your other marketing channels


You already know text messages are a great way to market to your customers and improve your brand loyalty, but what about using them to help maximize your other marketing channels?

Most businesses are surprised to learn just how easy it is to increase the effectiveness of their marketing simply by adding mass texts to their strategy.

That’s why today we’ll be discussing five specific tactics to stretch your marketing budget further using a business SMS.

Tackle each one and you’ll not only improve your engagement rates across the board, you’ll also increase conversions and sales without breaking a sweat.

In fact, the first tactic on our list is one anyone on your team can start doing today.

Text Alerts Drive Traffic to Your Social Platforms

If you’re struggling to get your customers to notice your social media platforms, text alerts may be the solution to your problems.

See, most brands end up burying a “Follow Us on Social” link at the bottom of their emails or tucked away somewhere on their homepage.

While it doesn’t hurt to have those, there are so many other factors competing for your reader’s attention that your social links end up taking a backseat.

To change this, consider sending a separate mass text with a link to your social platforms to your list of customers.

If you need a few ideas to get started, try sharing one of the following via text:

  • Are you about to go live on Facebook? Let your subscribers know so they can tune in on time.
  • Running a holiday giveaway on Instagram? Send a link with short instructions on how your customers can enter to win.
  • Or do you just want to remind people to follow you on Twitter? Find one of your best Twitter posts and share it in your text along with a link to your page.

Texts like these create a great hook that captures your subscriber’s attention. They also help guide them right to your social platforms.

This strategy also works well for driving traffic to specific social posts.

Your users may not have time to look at their social apps every day, which could cause them to miss some of your best posts.

A friendly text reminder can fix this. Text alerts ensure that your subscribers always see your messages even in their crowded social feeds.

In this same way, texts can also help maximize the exposure of any media you create.

Maximize the Exposure of Your Media

Let’s face it. Creating content — whether that’s YouTube videos, social posts, or blog articles — is not cheap.

And aside from the monetary aspect, creating original content is also super time consuming.

That’s why it pays to get the most out of your media.

If only half of your subscribers see or share your content, was it worth the time and money you spent creating it?

When you have a business SMS plan, you’ll always be able to maximize your content’s exposure.

Have an awesome infographic you want to go viral on social media?

Send it to your subscribers as a mass text first and include a shareable link so they can easily pass it along to their friends and post it to their social media platforms.

Do you currently run ads on your YouTube channel?

Turn those into a (much) smaller gif that you can send to your list via text.

This helps increase your ad’s exposure and can easily double or triple your reach.

Don’t be afraid to reuse your content by also firing it off as an MMS. It’s actually highly encouraged.

If you’ve already spent a fortune on a campaign, there’s no sense in wasting it by only using it once.

Fortunately, most content will work well as an MMS with only a small amount of tweaking needed. It’s a perfect, cost-effective way to gain extra mileage from your content.

Up next, I’ll show you how text messages can also help your business create a sense of urgency.

Use Texts to Create Urgency for Your Subscribers

Whether you’re running a contest or a limited-time offer, it can be tough to make sure enough people see your message before time runs out.

You can fix this common issue using mass texts and by sending text reminders.

In your initial texts about your giveaway, send your list of subscribers the details along with how much time they have left to enter. This should include the end date and when the clock officially stops (11:59 PST, for example).

From there, you’ll want to set up text reminders (you can do this using a business SMS plan) to create urgency as the end date approaches.

Depending on when your first text was sent, taper the rest of the reminder schedule to look something like this:

In the last month of the campaign:

  • Send one text per week for the first two weeks of the month
  • For the third week, send two reminders: one at the beginning of the week (Monday or Tuesday) and one towards the end (Wednesday or Thursday)
  • On the fourth week, your texts should go out at the beginning of the week, two days after that, and every day leading up to the date.

You’ll also find that, by doing this and sending text reminders, you’ll also improve your customer service.

Especially when it comes to limited quantities, a limited time offer, or a special sale, your customers will appreciate the friendly reminder that a deal or supplies are about to end or run out.

Keep in mind, with all of your reminders and general texts, make sure your messages are short and sweet so that the focus remains on driving your subscribers right to your landing page or social media channel.

Anything else will just be a distraction.

Another way to eliminate distractions is to remove as many additional steps as possible for your customers. One way to do this is to use a text-to-win strategy.

Text to Win Campaigns Can Help Increase Engagement

Instead of texting your customers and letting them know they have to visit your social media platform or a landing page to enter into your contest, you can eliminate this added step with a text-to-win strategy.

By removing this extra hurdle for your customers, you’ll increase conversions naturally.

This time, work backwards from what I mentioned earlier by promoting your giveaway on social media and asking your customers to text you a certain code at a certain time.

You could prompt your followers to submit an answer to a question, send you a photo of them using or wearing your product, or any other creative ideas you can come up with.

Once your followers text over their entry, you can make it interactive by sending a personalized text message back.

With this text, thank your customers for entering your contest and let them know if they’re the lucky winner. For those who didn’t win, try sending them a coupon for playing along and being a good sport.

To keep things really interesting and engaging, try sending these customers another exciting challenge to tackle or giveaway to enter to keep their momentum going.

Get Your Subscribers to Focus on One Call to Action

Anytime you need your subscribers to take one specific action, consider using mass texts to do that.

Text alerts are short, direct, and hard to ignore. That’s why they’re a perfect place to add a call to action that actually gets noticed.

If you want your subscribers to sign up for your next event or virtual summit, send them a text with a short teaser of information and a link to learn more.

Even though you’re sending your subscribers away from the actual SMS itself, you’re motivating them to take action and that will give you the engagement boost you’re looking for.

However, be cautious not to overuse texts here. You shouldn’t send your subscribers too many alerts or they’ll become overwhelmed and desensitized to your texts.

Keep your relationship strong by only texting your list for important things.

This simple point helps to increase the likelihood that your texts are noticed and that your customers truly take action.

Use a Business SMS to Increase Your Marketing Efforts

By using a business SMS in conjunction with your other marketing channels, you’ll increase the effectiveness of all your efforts at the same time — and for very little increase to your budget.

It’s a fine balance, but when you get text alerts right, you’ll be over the moon with your newfound engagement rates.

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