How to use SMS to maximize the effectiveness of your other marketing channels

October 17, 2016 | Back to the Blog


SMS is already a great way to market to your customers. But what about using it to help maximize your other channels? Particularly where social media is concerned, SMS can be a great way to drive more engagement with existing campaigns. Here are some ideas to try.


Use SMS as a hook to social

Got something exciting going on over on Facebook? Are you running a giveaway on Instagram? Or do you just want to remind people to follow you over on Twitter? Create a great hook through your SMS marketing to direct customers to your social channels. This is important because casual users may not look at their social apps every day, and may miss particular posts or calls to action. Driving them there through something they look at every day – their phone messages – will provide a much more effective push.


Reuse your media

Got a great graphic that is going viral on social media? How about a short advert on your YouTube channel that you can turn into a much smaller gif? Don’t be afraid to reuse your content by firing it off as an MMS. Most things will work with only a small amount of tweaking to the format, and it’s a great way to get extra mileage. If you have spent a fortune on a campaign, there’s no sense in wasting it by only using it once.


Create urgency

When you are running a contest or a limited-time offer, it can be tough to make sure it is seen by enough people before time runs out. Create urgency by sending out text messages that remind everyone of the deadline. Keep it short and sweet – after all, you want to drive them to the right landing page or channel where the main work is taking place. When there is a limited time until they miss their chance, customers may appreciate getting an alert to let them know where to check.


Text to win

So far we’re talking about you texting your customers, but what about getting them to text you? You can integrate SMS with a social campaign by having a post that asks them to text in to a certain number at a certain time. They might have to give the answer to a question, send you a photo, or any other creative idea you can come up with. Make it interactive by having personalised MMS messages go back, letting them know whether they have won or lost – or even giving them the next part of the challenge.


Call to action

An SMS is short, direct, and hard to ignore. That’s why it makes a great call to action. Even though you are asking them to engage with another channel instead of the SMS itself, this can be a great motivator for action, and will give good results. Think of an SMS as a way to pass on news about any and all channels – just like the way a group of friends might text each other and say “hey, have you seen this yet?”. Overusing SMS to pull in views on every single campaign you run would be a mistake however, as this can cause customers to become desensitised to your texts. You want to keep that impression that you only text for important things, as this increases the likelihood of action!


By using SMS in conjunction with your other marketing channels, you can increase the efficacy of all of them. It’s a fine balance, but when you get it right, you can increase engagement hugely.

About the author: Elizabeth Lee is an experienced blogger with background in marketing, currently supporting PACK & SEND. Elizabeth is particularly keen on learning about new ways of reaching a wider audience and promoting a business online.

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