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March 26, 2014 | Back to the Blog

So you have started your text alert system and are ready to get going.  That’s great!

The first step is to start collecting your members phone numbers.  Mobile Text Alerts offers you several ways to insert members into the system:

  1. Sign up via text – Members can sign themselves up by texting your keyword into the system.  For example if you sign up and your keyword is “YMCA”, then texting the word “YMCA” to 662-200-4303 will instantly subscribe that person to your account.
  2. Sign up via web form – When you create a Mobile Text Alerts account, a sign up page will be instantly generated for you.  You can post the generated URL around, or share it on Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Insert subscribers manually – After creating a Mobile Text Alerts account, you will be given access to your control panel where you can insert subscribers manually.
  4. Import a spreadsheet of subscribers – If you have hundreds (or thousands in some cases) of numbers already a part of your group, entering them one-by-one into the system is out of the question.  If this is the case, we have a spreadsheet import feature that allows you to upload a .xls file with the numbers from your system.  This can be especially useful if you have other group management software that has an ‘export’ feature.

Collect Phone Numbers


Tips to collect phone numbers

  • Often the best way to get your subscribers to sign up is to put a link to your generated web form on Facebook.  People spend hours on Facebook every day, and Facebook does a good job of making sure posts are seen by the people that need to see them.  Twitter is also a good option.
  • If your group meets together, and you have the chance to have a presentation of some kind, add one slide at the end that just says “Text ‘your keyword’ to 662-200-4303 to receive our updates.”  You will be surprised how many people pull out their phones and text in right away.
  • Some organizations have found it effective to pass around a paper sign up sheet when their group meets together asking for phone numbers.  Later, the numbers can be added to a spreadsheet which can be imported into the system.

What ways have you found are effective at collecting phone numbers for your system?  Leave us a comment and let us know!

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