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4 Tips for Sending the Most Effective Text Alerts


Texting is a daily routine for most of us.

So you’d think it would be easy, right? Well, the truth is that sometimes it’s not, especially when you’re a company or organization trying to engage your audience.

What are the rules? What is best practice? How do you know what’s acceptable and what’s not?

How can you get the best response for messages?

Here are 4 tips for sending the most effective text alertsĀ and really engaging your audience.

1. Keep it short and sweet

Text messages are meant to be short. You have a limited number of characters for a reason.

What happens when you go over the limit? Providers have to break long texts up into multiple messages. Although this sounds simple, people don’t always enjoy receiving multiple texts at once, and often providers deliver the message sections out of order.

If you must split your messages into multiple, do your best to keep it into just 2 messages rather than 3 or more.

2. Make sure your message is relevant

People will get bored of your messages and possibly unsubscribe if they receive messages that don’t pertain to them.

You want to make sure to only send content that is valuable to your audience. For example, sending coupons for diapers to teenagers isn’t the best way to engage people.

3. Make opt-out instructions clear

Disinterested subscribers who continue to receive unwanted messages can grow extremely frustrated if they don’t know how to make the messages stop.

It’s not in your best interests to continue to send messages to people who don’t want to receive them. You want to weed out the people who aren’t truly interested by giving people an easy way to opt out.

In addition, if the recipients get irritated enough they may take legal action, which nobody wants!

4. Don’t send too often

Most people don’t like receiving a multitude of non-personal text messages. If you bombard their text inbox they will get annoyed, and if you continue to do so they might unsubscribe.

Use texting sparingly and intentionally if you don’t want to become just another voice lost in the crowd.
If you follow these tips you are sure to improve the quality of your text messages exponentially! Then you can send the most effective text alerts possible and get the best response from your audience.

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