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The Power of Text Reminders

It seems our busy lives just get busier and busier every day.  We have appointments, deadlines, meetings, events—every hour of every day is filled with one activity or another.  In the midst of all this craziness, it is easy to lose track of dates, times, and other important details.  Sometimes we forget important appointments or deadlines altogether.  Recognizing the need for order, many organizations are taking advantage of text messaging as a means of sending out reminders.

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Increasing Vaccination Rates

One area of study in which people are really starting to realize the potential of text reminders is the medical field.  A study published in Pediatrics concluded that text reminders “increased teen vaccination rates 30%.”  This article draws the conclusion that “text messaging … may represent the future of remind/recall.”

Remembering to Take Medicine

A study done in London by Queen Mary University indicated that text reminders “improved the uptake of medicines by 64 percent, consequently reducing the risks of heart attacks and stroke for the patients.”  Patients who received text reminders to take their medications were much more likely to remember to take them.

Increasing Healthy Behaviors

Yet another study linked text reminders to an increase in healthy behaviors for patients (for instance, more exercise) and therefore resulting in a decrease of risk for heart problems.  The study resulted in lowered cholesterol, blood pressure, and body mass index for participants receiving text reminders.

Showing Up to Appointments

In addition to these findings, many physicians’ offices, dentists’ offices, and other medical facilities have found it useful to send out text reminders to patients to help eliminate “no-shows.”  These offices have discovered that patients are much more likely to actually come to their appointments if they receive reminders on their phones.


Although all these examples are medically related, the concept of the power of text reminders applies to many different circumstances and organizations.  Whether you’re reminding customers about a sale ending soon, reminding congregation members of the upcoming church picnic, or simply reminding staff of the next meeting—how can text reminders benefit your organization?

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