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Texting for Political Campaigns

And so it begins.

We are already being bombarded with ads, promotions, debates, promises, and everything else that goes along with a presidential campaign.  Candidates on each side are throwing all their effort into becoming our nation’s next leader in 2016’s election.

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An interesting facet of this presidential campaign is the progressive use of texting.  This article from the New York Times describes how presidential candidates such as Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Rand Paul are all taking advantage of texting to try to garner support for their campaigns.  The Times article claims, “Texting … has suddenly become a go-to vehicle for presidential campaigns when they need to get a message out as widely and quickly as possible, and with confidence that it will be read.”

Presidential candidates are realizing the potential of texting to really help their efforts.  According to the article some of the examples of ways that these candidates are taking advantage of text messaging include:

  • Bernie Sanders’s campaign encouraging supporters to get in contact by sending a text message (almost 50,000 people responded in one night).
  • Ted Cruz and Hillary Rodham Clinton gathering cell phone numbers of supporters by asking people to text them during speeches.
  • Rand Paul’s campaign sending texts to try to get potential voters to sign petitions and show support for him.

These are just a few examples of how political candidates are using texting to help further their campaigns.  This seems to be the first presidential race in which texting is being used so extensively.  Candidates and their marketing managers are beginning to understand that texting can be an effective way to reach people, get them involved, and advance the campaign’s cause.

Would you want to be connected to a political campaign via text message, or do you find the idea invasive and unappealing?  Have you ever used texting to advance a political cause, or can you think of any ways you could use texting to support your cause?  Let me know your ideas at!

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