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Texting Makes Kids Smarter? – Texting Benefits


According this article, one expert is actually saying that texting might actually be making us smarter!  He says that kids these days read and write more than we give them credit for; in fact, they are constantly reading and writing as they look down at their phones and exercise their thumbs at impressive speeds.  While I don’t think that I necessarily agree with his assessment about the literacy benefits of texting, it is true that texting has some benefits!  Two of the greatest benefits that I have found of using text messages are convenience and easy reference.


Personally, I often find text messages to be INFINTELY more convenient than phone calls and even emails.  I would much rather that people text me than leave a voicemail.  When I receive a text, I can check it and respond to it whenever I am available.  I don’t have to go through all the hassle of accessing my voicemail to determine the importance of the message—I can quickly skim it and decide whether or not it needs my immediate attention.  These days even email can be inconvenient as I receive so many emails (and have multiple email accounts) that I have to sort through and organize to determine which ones are actually important.

Easy Reference

One thing I LOVE about text messages is that it is easy for me to refer back to them.  If I forget what time the church picnic is, for example, I can easily go into my messages and find the text alert message that the church sent me last week explaining the details.  This is better than voicemails, which I sometimes delete without thinking and then later forget about.  It is also better than emails, which are not quite as easily accessible as text messages—especially for those who don’t have smartphones.


Of course, the value of in-person conversations and phone calls will never be replaced, but more and more people are finding text messages to be a significant means of communication.  While I’m not sure if texting is actually making us “smarter,” it definitely has its positive uses and benefits!

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