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Texting for Black Friday: 3 Tips to Succeed

Have you ever thought about texting for Black Friday to help your business?

Black Friday is an opportune time for businesses to get a lot of sales quickly by offering irresistible deals.

Shoppers love getting a great deal and for this reason they love Black Friday!

Deal shopping can almost become an addiction in itself, and for some people Black Friday is a yearly tradition almost as much as having pumpkin pie the day before!

According to The Balance “Black Friday is still the busiest shopping day for stores” and “[i]n 2017, online sales rose 18 percent.”

One way businesses can take advantage of this is by texting for Black Friday.

Here are some tips to help you get a better idea of how!

texting for black friday

Notify Customers of Hot Deals by Texting for Black Friday

Almost everyone pays close attention to their texts, so it makes sense that if you want to make sure people know about your best deals texting is the way to go!

A simple text that says something such as, “Incredible! 40% off all footwear!” could go a long way to help drive sales. If the message is enticing enough and the deal is of interest to the customer they will be a lot more likely to take advantage of it!

Use Good Judgment on Timing When Texting for Black Friday

You don’t want to annoy customers with multiple texts (especially on a holiday!). At the same time, you might miss your window of maximum effectiveness if you send your message(s) too early or too late.

If your deals start on Thanksgiving Day it may be best to send out your message the day before. (You may be able to send one the day of if you know your audience well enough.)

Basically it comes down to knowing your audience well enough to know whether they would be irritated to received a text on Thanksgiving Day, or whether they would want to receive multiple messages about your deals!

Create a Sense of Urgency When Texting for Black Friday

By nature Black Friday is inherently urgent but you still want to craft a brief  and detailed yet concise message conveying this urgency.

“We would love for you to shop with us on Black Friday” doesn’t carry quite the same wait as “Don’t miss out on this awesome 50% off deal on leggings for Black Friday! Blink and they’ll be gone!”


If you want to take advantage of texting for Black Friday, feel free to try a free text alert test account and get a feel for how it works!


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