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Texting 911 is Saving Lives Across the Nation

text 911

San Antonio is one of the latest areas to incorporate a feature that allows citizens to text 911 during an emergency.  Counties in 16 states across the country have already integrated this feature, and these counties have experienced numerous success stories.

One woman was able to text 911 when in need of an ambulance after falling down a flight of stairs.  Because of asthma problems, she was incapable of making a phone call, so she texted in to 911 and received help.  In the previously mentioned San Antonio news story, a woman was kidnapped by a man she knew.  Though unable to make a call, she was able to text 911 to inform police of her whereabouts.

I for one think that this new development is a great idea.  In all honesty, I wonder why this hasn’t caught on sooner, as texting has become more and more a normal means of communicating.  There is great potential for this kind of feature to help people across the country.

As someone who is in the texting business, I appreciate hearing about text messages being used in a positive way.  With all the negative stories we hear about texting and driving or texting scandals, it is nice to see people taking technology and utilizing it to the benefit of society.

Though there can be certain stigma associated with texting, I think we can learn (and are learning) how to use it properly.  I think we can continue to learn new ways to take advantage of it.  I think that ideas such as a feature allowing people to text 911 should continue to be explored.

This new feature is yet another example of how useful texting can be, if we take advantage of it.  There are so many possibilities!  All we have to do is imagine them.

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