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How a Text Messaging Service Can Catapult Your Real Estate Business

Is your goal to double or even triple your real estate sales this year? Are you still not quite sure how you’re going to do that yet?

There is one tool that can help catapult your business to the next level.

And when used properly, it can turn potential contacts into warm leads- and eventually, help convert those people into clients. This tool also helps you keep your prospects engaged and ensures everyone shows up on time for their appointments. It could even help you improve your internal communications too.

Wondering what has the power to tackle all of these tasks?

If the title hasn’t given it away yet, the tool I’m referring to is a text messaging serviceAnd in today’s guide, I’ll share why texts are worth your time to reach those sales goals you set. 

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have everything you need to grow your real estate business and make it more profitable.

The first order of business is to make one small but powerful change to your sales funnel.

Set Up the Right Sales Funnel to Manage Leads Effectively

Of course you may already have a sales funnel in place, but if you’re not generating or converting the leads that come your way, your funnel could use some adjusting.

The best tweak you can make here is to switch from email to text communication.

Think about the last time you sent a text today. How fast did it go through? For most people, the answer is within seconds. And unlike email, text messaging does not require internet access. That’s why text messages are such a great option for sending quick updates and important changes to your potential clients. Additionally, those without smartphones don’t have access to reading email on-the-go. Text messages are a sure method of communicating even to those without smartphones. Plus, most people already check their texts multiple times a day.

The average person receives 100+ emails per day, but the same can’t be said with text messages… unless, of course, you have a teenager in the family.

Because of this, when you send text alert follow ups instead of emails, you have a better chance of them being delivered and opened.  After all, text messages boast an average open rate of 98–99% while email comes in around only 20%.

Once you’ve made the shift from email to texts, you can tackle your funnel itself.

Anytime someone fills out your contact form, send a text message within minutes to start the relationship on the right foot.

By doing this, you’re sending a message to your potential client that you’re ready and willing to help them find the perfect property ASAP.

From there, your next step should be focused on building and fostering a relationship with your prospects.

Here’s how you can do that with text alerts.

Send Property Listings to Keep Prospects Engaged

Just like you’re used to doing with email, you can send potential clients properties you think they’d like and want to visit in-person via text.

All you have to do is include a link with more details and a call to action at the end of your text that’s different from the same old “Schedule a Showing Now”.

Write a CTA that’s more specific and personal about the property you think your client might be interested in touring.

For example, you could say, “Check out the infinity pool with the spectacular view. It’s exactly what you’re looking for. Call me today since this property won’t last long. I have some afternoon appointments available.”

This short and sweet message gets right to the point and shows that you’re listening to what your buyer is looking for.

It also spells out that you’re not here to waste their time and you’ve done your due diligence to find a property that suits their needs.

Once your client schedules a showing, create a reminder text alert to make sure everyone shows up on time.

Send Reminders So Clients Never Miss a Showing

It’s a good idea to create at least two different reminder text templates that you can just copy and paste to both potential clients and your team members.

The first one, for buyers, should include a touch of personality and customer service.

Here’s what that looks like, “Hey Tom, I can’t wait to show you the listing on 184 Hanson Lane. Does 12:30 pm still work for you today?”

Instead of just sending a simple reminder, this one adds personalization and mentions the key details in a conversational tone.

Since text messages are so personal, this type of message is ideal and helps you create a deeper relationship with your clients.

Reminder texts to your team should include only the most important details, and nothing else.

A text like that would be: “Reminder: 12:30 pm showing at 184 Hanson Lane. Please show up 20 minutes earlier to inspect the place and open up all the curtains so the natural light shines in.”

You can also use reminder text alerts to keep clients and your team in the loop with any listing events, open houses, conference calls, or webinars they need to attend.

Create another reminder template for each of these situations so you can just copy and paste your message in a text when the time comes.

And, as a friendly reminder, your templates should always be customized to your recipient. The template is there to save you time but it shouldn’t be sent out as is.

Otherwise, you’ll come across as robotic and cold.

So far I’ve talked about managing leads and keeping prospects engaged. But there’s one more important area that needs your attention, especially if growing your real estate business is a goal for you this year: improving your internal communications.

Keep Your Team Informed

One of the biggest factors that can stunt your business’ growth is poor communication within your team.

Everyone should know what’s going on at all times, and if they don’t, you’re going to lose both potential clients and huge sales due to miscommunication.

Not to mention you’ll also waste everyone’s time along the way.

Fortunately, as I showed you in this article, you can avoid those situations by using a text messaging service.

Send your team text updates regarding events, training sessions, or any other issues they should know about. You’ll keep everyone on the same page without repeating yourself a hundred times.

And don’t forget: You should only send messages that pertain to your recipients only, as I mentioned earlier.

Otherwise, you’ll quickly lose your team’s attention and you’ll risk having things slip through the cracks.

To avoid that, create smaller sub-categories in your main subscriber list, which is also known as segmenting, so you can tailor your messages accordingly.

Here’s how that might look:

  • Group #1: Anyone working on your 184 Hanson project
  • Group #2: Team members attending your monthly training webinar
  • Group #3: Weekly/monthly updates to the entire team

You get the idea here.

So before you send out a text, consider who needs to see this message and only include those people on your send list.

Doing so ensures that the right people see the right message.

Use a Text Messaging Service to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Now that you have a better handle on the benefits of using text alerts to grow your business, and you know exactly how to do this, you’re ready to get started.

To sign up for your free trial, check out this page.

Be sure to bookmark this article once you sign up so you can see what needs to get done and check off each task as you accomplish it.

As a quick recap, you can use a text messaging service to improve your sales funnel, keep prospects engaged, ensure showings and events are never missed, and strengthen your team’s internal communications.

So the only other question becomes: Which one will you tackle first?

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