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Text Message Promotions: 4 Ideas to Get Started

Text Message Promotions- 4 Ideas to Get Started-2

Business marketing is so tricky!  It takes a lot of planning, researching, observing, experimenting, and (if we’re honest) a bit of guesswork.

Among all this educated guesswork is the wonderful world of text marketing.  While text marketing sounds like a great idea, the concept can be quite overwhelming, especially for small businesses.  Where do you start?

An easy way to start is by sending out text message promotions.  Here are 4 ideas to help get you started with text message promotions.

  1. Offer a discount just for signing up.

Not only is this an effective method for collecting customers’ numbers to use for marketing purposes, this also helps ensure repeat business.  You could post a sign in your store or a message on your website or social media page similar to this:

“Text ‘stylists’ to 48421 to receive great deals, including 25% off your next haircut!”

Then you could set a welcome message to automatically be sent to new subscribers after they sign up:

“Thank you for signing up for our alerts!  Please show this message during your next visit before 3-31-16 to receive 25% off your haircut.”

Setting up this kind of discount hooks people in to help make them satisfied, long-time customers.

  1. Send promotions regularly, but not too often.

People love getting good deals, but they hate getting spammed, especially when it comes to text messages.  If you’re constantly bugging them with message after message, they will ignore you and may actually get a bad taste in their mouth about you.  However, if you’re only sending messages a couple times a year, you may be missing out on some great marketing opportunities.

It’s usually best not to send a new message every day.  Even once per week can be too much.  Ultimately, you have to decide what the best timeframe is for your clientele, but just keep in mind that less is sometimes more while also remembering that you do want to keep your brand out there and on your subscribers’ minds.

  1. Make it sound urgent.

Many customers are much more likely to take you up on a deal if they think they are going to miss out without it.  Giving a timeline by using phrases like “for a limited time,” “offer expires Friday,” or “today only” along with your unbeatable offer can be extremely effective.

Likewise, whet your customers’ sense of urgency by using phrases like “don’t miss out,” “limited supply,” and “act now.”  These kinds of phrases in your text promotions will encourage customers to take action sooner rather than later

  1. Include exclusive offers.

An easy way to make your customers feel special is by including them in an exclusive offer.  Though not all of your text promotions need to be exclusive, at least some of the time you should send text offers that say something along the lines of “Exclusive offer for our text alert subscribers only…”

If your subscribers feel like they are part of an exclusive, important group, they will be more likely to participate in your deals and, ultimately, are more likely to become loyal customers for your brand.


So don’t be afraid to jump in!  Text message promotions can sometimes be difficult to keep up with, but they are worth the effort.

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