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Text Message Digital Coupons

Our developers have been at it again. We have had so many customers ask for the ability to send text message digital coupons that we decided it couldn’t wait.

We have added a new section to the control panel called “Marketing Tools.” As we develop new features for marketing purposes, we will be putting them in this section.

Digital Coupons Page

The new text message digital coupons allow you to create beautifully designed digital coupons. Each digital coupon can be created with a header, an image, contact information, and instructions on how to redeem your digital coupon.

Create a text message digital coupon

After creating your digital coupon, you can send out the link to your new coupon to your subscriber list on the “send message” page.

Inserting a digital coupon into a text message

Once sent out, your subscribers will receive a link to the coupon with the redemption instructions explaining how to use your digital coupon.

The digital coupon on your users phone

People love coupons, discounts, and sales, so we hope this new feature will be a great way to boost the revenue of your business and make Mobile Text Alerts even more useful to you.

Please feel free to leave feedback on the new feature, how you use digital coupons, success stories, etc. We love to hear from our customers, and aim to do whatever we can to help with your pain points.

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    • Hi Steve,
      At the moment, yes, everyone receives the same code. Would it work better for you if each subscriber got a different code to enter? We could probably set something up like that.

  • Great feature, however I think the receiver should be able to have an idea of what is in the link prior to opening, instead of just saying here is the link to your coupon, this will no doubt clear the minds of those who might be skeptical of clicking on or opening links due to potential viruses etc.

    Another observation has to do with those icons/symbols, one a phone, the other computer and the other is f for Facebook, as soon as I click on the phone symbol it goes directly to your website, this to me is a distraction, it would be much better if it was set up to direct recipients the the sender’s website or contact information.

      • Thanks for your kind and prompt reply,

        With this new coupon feature I’ll definitely upgrade to one of your paid packages soon, what I would like to see however is the option to customize what the recipients see prior to opening the coupon link.
        Example here is a $20.00 coupon from my my business name. This way there will be no reluctance in opening link as they know for sure where and who it is coming from.


        • You actually just send out the link to the coupon in a normal message, so you can customize what the customer sees to whatever works best for you.

          On the “Send message” page, if you click “Insert into Message” and select “Digital Coupon”, it will just insert the link to the coupon. You can enter whatever message you would like into the message.

          I hope that helps! Please let us know if you have other suggestions

    • Hi, glad you are liking the feature so far! We did go ahead and fix the Phone, Facebook, and Website icons at the bottom, so they will only show up if you have a Number, Facebook Link, or URL entered.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Hello! SO I am trying out the coupon feature which I think is great but I am a little confused on the redeem button! It takes me to a page that just has information on it! It does not have a link and once I click on that button I can not get back to the coupon! I have to go all the way back to my text messages and open it again! What am I missing?!

    thank you!

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for reaching out! The coupon feature allows you to design coupons but it doesn’t have a redemption process for the coupons. So when you’re setting up the coupon, the “Redemption” portion will be the place where you include your own instructions on how your customers should redeem the coupon. Then when they receive the link with the coupon and click “Redeem” they will see the instructions you provided.

      Hopefully that helps clarify! Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • This is a new way nowadays to promote the business because the deal is as important as your product you are selling.text message alerts let people engage with your store or product and maybe if they found a great deal may be you end up selling something.

    Very informative. Keep posting and spread information.

  • I am confused on the redemption button. I tried to put a link to my shopping page their but it wont let me put a link. I tried to put my link as my contact info and put the instructions right on the coupon but then I still have the redemption button that leads me to a blank page.
    I love the coupon idea but I need them to be able to get to my online store from the coupon. If I add me link to the original text message then it is confusing on which is the coupon link.
    Am I missing something?

    • Hi Carly, thanks for your comment! The coupon should allow you to put a link in the “Redemption Instructions” section or even in the “Redemption Code” section; however, at this time the link won’t be clickable. Sorry for any inconvenience! I did pass along your feedback so it’s possible they might be able to add the function to send clickable links at some point in the future if we get more requests.

  • As a direct sales consultant a redemption code at checkout doesn’t really help us since we don’t have a “cart” to enter any codes for.. so to be able to redirect them back to our shopping page or our “shopping link” to make it clickable to shop right from is ideal, otherwise this can confuse customers more.