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Text Alerts for Summer Children’s Ministry

Many churches have wonderful, thriving children’s ministries.  Nurseries, pre-K programs, Sunday School classes, summer camps, Vacation Bible Schools—there is often a lot going on with children at church.  But with all the activities and programs going on, workers and parents can get overwhelmed.  This is where text alerts can be useful.

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Summer Bible Camp

With Mobile Text Alerts, parents can sign up to receive texts about their children’s events and activities.  Receiving these texts can help parents stay organized so that they can understand when and where their child should be.  For example, parents will appreciate knowing details about the upcoming summer camps—costs, dates, what time they should drop their children off, when they should pick their children up, and other pertinent information.  These kinds of updates help eliminate confusion and keep communication open as parents are able to reply to the texts.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible Schools are coming up or are already in session for churches across the country.  Text alerts can remind parents about times and schedules regarding their child’s VBS program.  More children are likely to be involved if the parents are being reminded often, and especially if they are being reminded on their own phones.

VBS Workers

In addition to parents, children’s ministry workers and volunteers also benefit from receiving text alerts.  With Vacation Bible School there can be dozens upon dozens of volunteers—sometimes even a hundred or more.  Coordinating all of these workers can be extremely daunting.  Sending out text alerts about times, dates, issues, and other important information can help keep everyone on the same page in the midst of all the crazy activity.


There are a lot of ways that people in children’s ministry can use text alerts this summer.  Feel free to contact us to let us know if you have any questions about how you can use text alerts effectively in your ministry!

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