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The Text Alerts Sign Up Form

One underutilized way to sign people up to receive your text alerts is the text alerts signup form.

Every account with Mobile Text Alerts receives a generated sign up page, and a URL of (where ‘YOURKEYWORD’ is the keyword you signed up with for your account).

You can pass this URL around to anyone you would like, you can post it on your Facebook page, send it out in emails, print it on materials, or any other creative ways you can think of to get the link out there.

It is also possible to embed this sign up form on your existing site by either using an iframe, or requesting the HTML code that you can then style and put on your site (let us know if you need assistance with this and we will have a programmer help you with the installation).

One of the best parts of this signup form is that it is completely responsive. For those of you who don’t know what responsive means, it means the page looks different depending on the size of screen that you are on. If you are on your computer, it looks one way and fills up the screen, but if you are on a tablet or a cell phone, the content rearranges itself so that it looks best with the smaller screen.

Would you like your own text alerts sign up form? One will automatically be generated for you if you Sign Up Today.

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  • Hi James, I’m working to implement the signup form into a site for a client but did not find the embed code when logging into their account. Am I missing it or is there another process I need to complete to get that?


    • Hi Josh,
      This is Samuel with Customer Support. You should be able to find the HTML by going to their sign-up page (the URL for their sign-up page will be, where “keyword” is the actual keyword for their account). Then right-click on the page and click “View Page Source” to see the HTML for the page. You can copy the HTML and your client can then embed it on their website.

      Feel free to email if you need any help with the process or further explanation!