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Text Alerts for Schools

Over 65% of all the schools in the United States have implemented some kind of alert system to notify parents of announcements, emergencies, etc.  Most of these systems are voice only (automated calling).  The traditional systems do an ok job: They get a hold of about 60% of parents within 3-4 hours, but what about the other 40% of parents who don’t ever get the message?  Or what about the 20-30% of parents who do get the message, but not for 3-4 hours when the event or emergency has long gone?


Not only do these systems fail to really get information across in a timely manner, but they cost schools thousands dollars.  Most have hefty set up fees, and then a yearly fee of up to $3/student/year.  You end up paying nearly $400-$500/month for a system that barely even works.

Some common things you hear from parents of schools using these voice systems include “Why can’t you just send me a text message?” or “I get called by the school all the time, and there is no way to stop the calls!”

This is where text alerts for schools come in.

  • Text alerts are affordable, and can be easily managed by only one person.
  • Parents can sign up and stop receiving texts just by texting in to the system on their own.
  • Messages can be set up the night before, and scheduled to go out at whatever time works best.
  • You don’t have to be at the school to send a message, you can do it from your personal computer at home, or even your cell phone while you are out and about.

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