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Text Alerts for Realtors


Ever thought of advertising a property listing via text message? That is exactly what some of our customers are doing! Home realtors utilize text alerts to get the word out to potential buyers about available properties in a way that is convenient and easy. In addition, some realtors are using text alerts to advertise their own services – letting potential clients know the benefits of listing through them. It’s a simple way to get your name and your brand out to those who might be interested.

Our realtor customers also send out text alerts for a variety of other reasons.  Is there a job opening in your office that you need filled?  Do you need to remind your team members of an upcoming meeting or an important email?  Our customers have found text alerts useful for all of these things, and we hope that you will find it useful as well!

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    • Hi Eva,

      Actually, text alerts can be a great addition to face-to-face communication! Of course, texting is no replacement for face-to-face, but many people appreciate the convenience of being able to send/receive text messages. 🙂