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Why Text Alerts are Perfect for YMCA Activities for Kids



After-school activities and recreation are often just as important to the development of school-aged children as their time in the classroom, if not more so. These activities are great for parents who want their kids to socialize and be active beyond the classroom.

Why after-school activities are important for kids

Whether it’s sports, rec classes, or other beneficial programs, these daily pastimes are highly conducive to helping children grow both physically and mentally. And there are numerous wonderful after school activities for kids.

According to Youth.Gov, the benefits of afterschool programs are far beyond simply for youth but also positively impact families and entire communities. After-school activities for kids can boost performance in the classroom, reduce the risk of unhealthy behaviors, and promote the upkeep of their bodies. These activities are also great resources that provide a structured safe space for kids with working or busy parents.


Why the YMCA is a great place to go

One of the most prominent and highly respected organizations for such programs is the YMCA. Founded in 1844, the YMCA has a reputation for offering the best in extracurricular activities for people of all ages. Additionally, a YMCA membership gives you access to all sorts of specialized YMCA activities for kids and adults.

With their motto “empowering young people,” the YMCA is invested in providing support and activities for children. Their worldwide organization has numerous locations across the U.S. and focuses on nurturing both children and teens so they can receive the support and personal development they need on a holistic level. The YMCA is not just an afterschool program or physical activities; the Y wants to help young people by giving them the necessary tools so they can ultimately be set up to succeed for the rest of their lives.

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Activities kids can do at the YMCA

The YMCA is known for their selections of sports like baseball, football, soccer, basketball (which was famously founded at a YMCA) as well as volleyball, golf, and tennis to name a few. However, the YMCA also offers other afterschool activities for kids including dance, gymnastics, art classes, martial arts, swim lessons, and even yoga for youngsters.


Why Using text alerts is an advantage for the YMCA & Parents

By now, all of this probably sounds fantastic, but you might still be wondering why you should care about mobile text alerts and how it relates to the YMCA. What are some practical applications of these alerts for YMCA activities for kids?

Here are several reasons. In the fast-paced world we live in now, text alerts allow parents to stay informed about the current list of classes that they can enroll their children in as well as any recent updates to the schedule that parents might want to be aware of. Also, in the case of a cancellation, parents won’t waste needless time carting their children around because they can be notified in an expedient manner. A reminder can also be sent to the parents making sure that they don’t forget about a YMCA activity for their kids due to their busy calendars. Text alerts are also an excellent way to keep parents informed about upcoming events or new activities that their kids or the entire family can enjoy.


Most importantly, with text alerts, if there’s ever the need to pick up a child early or if the YMCA needs to quickly contact parents due to a personal emergency of some kind, they have a quick point of contact that’s easy and efficient. That’s the key. Text alerts are an easy and efficient way that is extremely beneficial for kids, parents, and the YMCA. In this situation, everybody wins.

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