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Text Alerts for Gyms – #3 Way to Use Text Alerts

One industry that has really started to pick up in its use of text alerts are gyms.

Gyms are an ideal place to use text alerts, because they have a consistent membership, and they frequently have information they need to get out to their members.  Our current gyms use text alerts for all sorts of things: Payment reminders, new classes, new features, promotions that are coming up, weather cancellations, and about anything else that you can think of.


Sending out text alerts is also a great way to reengage with customers who haven’t been to the gym for a while.  Usually, if someone doesn’t go to the gym for weeks at a time, they are more than likely going to cancel their membership soon, and you will lose that money.  Why not send a text message to those members who haven’t visited for a few weeks and motivate them to get back in the gym?  How many potential cancelers could you motivate into keeping their membership?  The return on investment could be huge!

Another gym had a referral program “refer a friend and get $50.”  These types of promotions are great for gyms, because $50 is hardly any money at all compared to how much money an extra member can bring in over the course of the year.  Not only that, but studies have shown that people are more likely to keep their gym membership if they have a friend that attends with them.  How can you let people know about these promotions?  Text alerts would be perfect.

Several gyms use text alerts to inform their members about classes.  Yoga classes, Zumba, or whatever else your gym might have going on are great ways to either bring in extra income, or to increase engagement with customers.  I know some gyms also use text alerts about classes as a marketing tool to bring in customers who are interested in Yoga, but maybe not other things that the gym has to offer.

Again, the possibilities of what a gym could do with text alerts is endless.  What are some ways that your gym is using text alerts?


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