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Text Alerts for Cancer Researchers

Sarah Cannon is a cancer research organization owned by HCA. They are centered in Nashville, TN, but have a presence in several communities across the United States as well as in London. According to its website, “Sarah Cannon is providing state-of-the-art cancer care close to home for hundreds of thousands of patients, a number unmatched by any single cancer center.”

The organization needed a way to communicate with almost 1,000 employees about weather alerts and safety conditions. All they had was a hotline and email but they wanted something more effective.

They decided to try Mobile Text Alerts. Michael Anderson, manager of technical services for Sarah Cannon, says that after they started using text alerts “colleagues were able to easily get notified before getting ready or heading into work.” They chose Mobile Text Alerts because it was “simple/easy – Price was decent. Great customer support if needed.”

Michael Anderson, manager of technical services for Sarah Cannon

One feature Michael especially appreciates is message templates. He likes the “ability to have 6 pre-populated messages and then as needed (early morning rush) send those out to all or certain groups.”

With Mobile Text Alerts, Sarah Cannon is able to save time, frustration, and hassle getting info out to employees. And when it comes to cancer research time saved is time better spent elsewhere!

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