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Text Alerts and Crime


Wouldn’t it be nice to be instantly notified when there has been crime or suspicious activity in your area? Some communities are actually utilizing text alerts to accomplish this very goal. An article from the Cork News details how more than a million text alerts have been sent in Ireland since September 2013 as a result of the Text Alert Initiative. These alerts are being used to notify members of the communities about possible criminal activity. You can imagine how people in these communities feel better being in the know about what is going on around them!

I have experienced this firsthand as a student at a university.  We would receive a text whenever there was any crime or any suspicious activity near campus.  I definitely appreciated being kept up to date.  It helped me know to be on the alert and helped me know what I could do to be safer.  It gave me peace of mind to know what was going on around me and to understand that someone was keeping watch.

Welcome to the future of crime notification!

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