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Text Alerts for Car Dealerships

One event that a lot of people dread is buying a car.  Car dealerships are infamous for being untrustworthy and for trying to rip off their customers.  How can car dealerships bring in new customers and create a brand that people can trust?  One way is through text messaging.  Automotive News reports on a new study from discussing how texting can be used to increase sales for car dealerships.

Text Alerts for Car Dealerships

Texting has many potential benefits for car dealerships, according to the article.  We have already discussed in previous blog posts how texting is better than email, and this study confirms it.  The study found that 8% more texting leads than email leads converted in two days – that’s 40% of text message sales in contrast to 32% of emails.  In addition, the study found that text messages experienced a much better close rate (20% better, to be exact) than email leads.

Another benefit that the article discusses is immediacy.  The reality that people can receive texts instantly can be used to your advantage.  As Seth Berkowitz, president of Edmunds, says in the article, “It’s an immediate way to communicate like phone or chat, but you don’t have to be tethered to your device.”  Texting means faster response time.

As we have said over and over, texting is the way of the future.  It is becoming a more and more acceptable method of communicating, even in the business world.  A car dealership, or any other business or non-profit organization, can help build a name for themselves.  You can use it for pursuing leads, for marketing and promotion, and for a host of other reasons!

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