7 Reasons Why Text Alerts Can Help Your Business Improve Communication & Increase Sales

December 28, 2017 | Back to the Blog

Raise your hand if you text regularly.

While I can’t physically see you, I’d bet that your hand was up, even if it was only virtually.

Now I want you to raise your hand if you text your customers regularly.

I’m going out on another limb here, but I’m guessing your hand probably isn’t up this time.

You may be thinking, Why would I text my customers?

And the answer is: Why wouldn’t you text your customers?

While texting may not be your first go-to communication method, you’ll quickly see why this should be the case after today’s article.

We’re diving into how text alerts can help your business improve its communication and customer service while also helping you build your brand loyalty and increase sales.

To start out, we’ll jump right into how text messages are a much better way to reach your customers.

#1: You’ll Have a Better Chance of Reaching Your Customers

There are few things as frustrating as when you’re trying to reach your customers and you just keep missing them.

Whether you’re playing phone tag or the email equivalent, you end up spending more time than you have trying to get your messages noticed and heard (or read).

But the problem may not lie with your busy customers or with you for that matter.

The real issue could be the communication methods you’ve been using.

See, with email, you’re competing with hundreds of other messages for your customer’s attention.

And while you may be used to calling your customers, that may not be their preferred way of communicating.

As we touched on in this article, “76% of people are more likely to read a message sooner if it’s an SMS/text message.”

And the stats back this up: Text messages boast the highest open rates (98-99%) and beat out every other communication channel (email comes in around 20% for the record).

So what does all this mean for you?

It means you have a better chance of actually reaching your customers when you take a detour from using emails and phone calls and start using text alerts.

One of the reasons why mass text alerts work so well is due to this next point.

#2: Text Alerts Are an Easier Way to Stay in Touch

Most people would admit that texting is easy.

You choose a contact. Write a short message. And hit send.

Since they’re short in nature, they don’t require too much thought. The whole point is to get quick communication out — that’s it.

Plus, there’s only so many things you can do with a text.

You can reply, click a link inside if there is one, or delete it.

This lack of options is another reason why texts are so easy to use — they don’t take up too much of our mental energy or time.

You can probably read a text message and type out a reply within a few seconds.

Thanks to these reasons, it’s easy to see why 81% of Americans admit they’re serial texters.

That’s why it pays to communicate with your customers using a method that’s easy for both parties involved.

Why not stay in touch using the simplest way possible?

By doing so, you’ll also help to build a better relationship with your customer, as you’ll see next.

#3: They Also Help You Foster a Personal Relationship With Your Customers

While mass texts are technically a one-to-many ratio, they don’t feel that way.

Instead, they feel more like a one-on-one conversation that’s more personal.

Unlike a group text, your recipients see a message from you without seeing who else received one with mass texts.

Plus, by using things like personalization and user-specific messages — such as a birthday or anniversary text — you’ll deepen your relationship with your customers while also fostering brand loyalty.

#4: Text Alerts Can Also Help You Increase Brand Loyalty

Text messages can help you give your customers the VIP treatment they deserve.

Do this and you’ll create a tribe of loyal customers who can’t wait to see what you have going on next.

Tackling this step is easy too.

Try using any of the following strategies and you’ll be well on your way to increasing brand loyalty:

  1. Reward your customers for signing up for your text alerts. A small discount via text works perfect here.
  2. Send portions of your list exclusive deals. Nothing says VIP more than an exclusive offer. Throughout the year, send deals like these to your best customers and you’ll see an uptick in engagement and referrals.
  3. Reach out with weekly specials. Weekly deals entice your customers to come back again, which is why texts like these work so well.
  4. Offer a BOGO where your customers bring in a friend to receive a discount. This helps you maximize both your brand loyalty and new customer outreach.

On top of improving your brand loyalty, mass texts can also help you increase your sales. Let’s discuss this point next.

#5: You Can Use Them for Cross Promoting Products

Text messages can be a great place to cross promote your products.

Just like with emails or your website, you can suggest related products or supplemental ones to your customers via text.

Anytime they make a purchase, thank them for their business and include a link to a related or supplemental product.

Oftentimes, customers simply don’t realize all that you have to offer. By showing them a recommended product, you’ll increase your chances of a second (or third) purchase.

The next tactic on our list is one that many businesses aren’t utilizing — and that’s a costly mistake.

#6: Generate Leads or Offer Your Customers Support

A click-to-call link is one that allows your customers to click the phone number listed on your website from their mobile device and trigger a popup to appear with the ability to call you right from your website.

This simple line of code eliminates a few extra steps for your customers.

Instead of having to remember or copy your number, they can use it right away with one click of a button.

You can now take this a step further and instead of triggering a popup to call, you can trigger a click-to-text. That sends users straight to their text messages instead of opening the phone functionality.

(Image Source)

Here, your customers can reach out for assistance or drop their contact information.

This helps you provide customer support immediately and is also a great channel to generate leads.

Thanks to the speed of text messages, both can be done in less than a few minutes.

Another action that can be done just as fast is sending follow ups.

#7: Send Follow Ups Faster

Another way to improve communication with your customers is to reduce or eliminate the time it takes you to respond to them.

With text alerts, you can do just that.

This time, you can send follow ups right away via text.

So when your customers reach out for customer support or when a lead comes in, you can send a reply letting them know you received their message and will be in contact shortly.

Improve Your Communication & Increase Sales Today

Now that you see why your business needs text alerts, you’re probably experiencing major FOMO from not using them.

After all, texts are fast, easy to use, and preferred by 76% of customers surveyed.

Not only that, they can help you improve both your sales and customer service as you saw today.

Plus, by building a deeper relationship with your customers, you’ll also see an increase in your brand loyalty too.

If you’re ready to start taking advantage of these perks for your business, click here to get started with text alerts today.


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