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Text Alerts for Authors

Text Alerts for Authors

If you’re an author trying to make it in the current market, you know how tough it is to stand out!  Everyone is an author these days, and your voice can get lost in the sea of amateurs.  How can you get yourself heard?  How can you build up your fan base?  Many authors are turning to text messages to help market their material.  “Text alerts for authors” is a concept that is on the rise as authors find new and creative ways to get their fan base engaged.

Promoting New Releases

As an author, you can give your fans the inside scoop on new material in the works.  You can update them on your writing progress to build up anticipation for your new release, and you can inform your audience about release dates and other relevant information.  (This is especially useful for authors who publish new material often.)

Promoting Sales and Giveaways

You can utilize text messages to let your fans know when your material is on sale, or when you are sponsoring a giveaway.  Everybody appreciates free (or reduced price) stuff, and people are much more likely to be aware of these opportunities if they receive updates on their own personal phone.

Getting Personal

Really connecting with your audience helps them relate to you.  Texting personal messages is a great way to let your fans get to know the real you.  If they feel like they know you, they will be more likely to remain loyal to you!


There are many more ways that authors can take advantage of text alerts—texting a link to a free ebook sample of your work, sending out a text-only promo code that your fans can use to get a discount, etc.  You can even set it up so that your fans can give you personal feedback.  So don’t be scared to try something new!  Your creativity is your only limit.

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