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Text Alert Service: 5 Reasons You Can Benefit

Have you ever thought about using a text alert service?

Perhaps you’re an independent business owner struggling to get people to show up to your live sales.

Perhaps you’re a church leader searching for a solution to keep congregants updated when service is canceled.

Perhaps you’re an HR rep wanting to keep employees in the know about information and updates.

A text alert service can be an effective solution for you!

Here are 5 reasons why a text alert service such as ours at can benefit you.

1. A text alert service allows easy contact management

You can easily access and manage contacts for your text alerts from a website/app.

You can view your list of contacts and edit information all from one page.

text alert service

2. A text alert service allows easy opt-in

People can easily opt in to text alerts by texting in a particular word.

For example, if you have the keyword sale for your account people could text in the word sale to a specific number and they would be automatically signed up to receive your texts.

They can also opt in by going to a free online sign-up page that comes with your account.

3. A text alert service allows easy opt-out

Not only can people opt in easily to receive text alerts but they can also opt out easily.

All they need to do is reply stop to any of your messages to be automatically removed.

4. A text alert service allows for segmenting your list

If you have messages pertaining to different segments of your list, you can group up your contacts accordingly.

You can do this manually or you can allow people to sign themselves up for particular groups.

5. A text alert service allows you to manage replies

You can view replies people send in to your message from a website/app, and you can have the replies forwarded to a phone number if you prefer.

text alert service 2

If you would rather not worry about managing replies, you can set up an auto-response message for when people reply that says something along the lines of, “These replies are not monitored.”


These are just a few benefits a text alert service can provide for you!

If you’d like to give it a try and see if it’s a good fit for your business/organization, sign up for a free test account today!

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