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What Is A Text Alert?

A “text alert” is a mass SMS text message sent from you to a group of subscribers.

Every day more people are starting to use text alerts to communicate key messages with their members. With so many others waking up to the potential value of text alerts, perhaps now is the time to follow the advice of Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google; “What’s really important right now is to get the mobile architecture right since mobile will ultimately be the way you provision most of your services.”

Why use text alerts?

  1. Text Alerts get people’s attention – No matter if your members are out on a walk, watching tv, or out to dinner, you have a direct path to their full attention anytime, anywhere! 84% of mobile phone users keep their device within 10 feet of them at all times.
  2. Text Alerts Are Delivered Instantly – Text Alerts are perfect for time-sensitive information. Unlike emails that might not be read for hours (if ever), text messages arrive moments after they are sent.
  3. People Actually Look At Text Alerts – If you received a text message right now, would you look at it? So would your members! 97% of text messages are read within 15 minutes of receiving it. Compare this to email which has under a 5% read-rate.
  4. Text Alerts Are Affordable – Many people think that text alerts are reserved for large organizations, but that isn’t the case anymore. With improvements in mobile technology, text alerts can now be sent out for lower than a penny per person.

I know you are thinking now “Text alerts are the way to go! How do I get started?”

That’s where Mobile Text Alerts comes into play. Mobile Text Alerts was designed with two things in mind: 1) User Friendliness, and 2) Affordability.

  1. User friendliness – Many text alert platforms around take hours to set up, requiring you to enter all your members information manually, and requiring you to find the carriers of all your members. Mobile Text Alerts was designed to make the text sending process as easy as possible.
  2. Affordability – When our church was looking for a way to send out text alerts, we were flabbergasted by the $400-$500/month subscription fees that were required. Our small church youth group simply could not afford that. Mobile Text Alerts has been designed with as little overhead as possible to keep the service as affordable as we can for you.

Before paying for anything, we would like to extend to you a risk free, no obligation trial. Give Mobile Text Alerts a try without even entering your credit card information.

Try a free trial now!

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