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Teacher Text: The New Frontier

Teacher Text

“Teacher Text” (as described in this Ed Tech Magazine article) is a concept that is rising in popularity.  Teacher Text refers to the utilization of text messages for educational purposes.  I personally have been a student of a professor who engaged in Teacher Text when teaching her Research Methods class.  Here’s how it worked.

Opting In

The professor sent an email and posted a note online informing us that if we wanted to receive her text alerts, we could opt in by texting a certain number.  I immediately thought, “Wow, what a good idea!”  And I opted in as soon as I could.

Receiving Updates

Throughout the week, the professor would send out updates and reminders about homework that was due or assignments that were coming up.  It was an online class, so it was especially helpful to be reminded that “The first draft of your paper is due Thursday!” or “Don’t forget to post on the discussion board by 5:00 this evening!”

Improving Our Educational Experience

Teacher Text was a convenient way for our professor to keep up with her students in a technological world.  None of us had an excuse for forgetting to turn in our homework!  It really helped us stay engaged and connected to the class so that we could get the most out of it.


This is just one way that I personally have been impacted by Teacher Text, but I know that there are as many possibilities for its use as there are teachers!  With some creativity and a bit of technology, education really can be more relatable to a generation that, like it or not, has grown up around laptops, cell phones, tablets, and other modern conveniences.  How can you utilize technology (such as texting) in your classroom, church, office, or anywhere else that you want to connect with people?

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