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How Subscribers Can Text in to Join

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The Basics

Having people text in to join your subscriber list is easy! 

Subscribers can sign up for your text alert system by texting your keyword to 662-200-4303 (we also have shortcodes, or five-digit numbers, available). 

What is a keyword?

Your keyword is a unique identifier for your organization. Your subscribers text the keyword into the system and they are added to your account! See “Example” as a keyword in the photo below:



If you don’t have a keyword, you can set one by logging into your control panel and going to your Settings:


Shortcode Keywords

We offer the option to add keywords on ‘shortcodes’.  This will enable users to text your keyword into shorter and more convenient 5-digit numbers (for example, 48421) rather than our 10-digit number (662-200-4303).  Contact us for more details!

Including Personal Info When Texting In


If you want your subscribers to include their name when texting in, they are able to do so. To include their name, they need to insert their name after the keyword with the following format:

Keyword FirstName LastName

For example, if the keyword is “Example” and the user’s name is “John Smith,” they can text in “Example John Smith” (no quotes):



If you have groups set up on your account, your subscribers can add themselves to one of your groups by texting in.

After they have followed the above instructions to text in to subscribe to your list, they can send a second text to 662-200-4303 with the following format:

Join GroupName

For example, if a user had subscribed to your list and wanted to be added to your group called “Staff” they would text in “Join Staff” (no quotes):



Another method for your subscribers to add themselves to one of your groups by texting in is by using “Target Groups” for your Shortcode Keywords. If you navigate to your ‘Manage Keywords’ tab, you’ll see the option to set a Target Group for each shortcode keyword. Setting a Target Group for a specific keyword will automatically direct all traffic from that keyword into that specific group- that is, subscribers who text in that keyword will automatically be added straight into that group.

Let us know if you have any questions! For more details concerning keywords and other terms, check out this page.



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