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How Subscribers Can Include Personal Information by Texting In

How subscribers can include personal information by texting in

One of the awesome features of your Mobile Text Alerts system is the ability for subscribers to be added to your list by texting your keyword in to our system.

The issue some people have with this text-in feature is that they think it doesn’t allow subscribers to include as much information as the sign-up page or the import feature.

But something you may not know is that you actually can have subscribers include a lot of information about themselves by texting in.


Texting in to join

It is easy for your potential subscribers to text in to join. All they need to do is text your keyword to our system’s number 662-200-4303.

Your keyword can be changed from your settings when you log in to your control panel.

If someone texts in your keyword, the system will automatically send them a welcome message and add their number to your subscriber list.


Including name when texting in

If you would like your subscribers to provide their name when texting in, you can instruct them to send a text to 662-200-4303 in the following format:

Keyword FirstName LastName

For example, if your keyword is “Church,” a subscriber named John Smith would text the following:

Church John Smith

This would not only add John Smith’s number into your text alert system but would also automatically attach their first and last name.


Adding to groups

Subscribers can easily add themselves to one of your groups after texting in. All they need to do is text the following format to 662-200-4303:

Join GroupName

As long as the group name that they include in the text message exists on your account, the subscriber will be added to that group

(NOTE: Adding to groups by texting in will only work if the subscriber’s number is already subscribed to the account.)

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