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Have Subscribers Add a Name When Texting in To Join

One of the biggest frustrations that our customers have about subscribers texting in to join is the lack of information you now have about that subscriber.  When someone fills out your generated sign up form, you get all sorts of information about them.  Their name, their number, their email address, and what groups they would like to join.



Unfortunately, you don’t get these things if someone just texts in to the system “verse-of-the-day”.

Or do you?

With our system, there is a way to add a subscribers name when texting in to the system, and also for a subscriber to sign up for different groups.

Adding a Name to a Subscriber When Texting In

Normally subscribers join by just texting in the keyword of the account they would like to join.  For example, texting ‘verse-of-the-day’ (no quotes) to 662-200-4303 will sign you up to receive the verse of the day.  But you can also add in your first and last name while texting in.  Texting ‘verse-of-the-day James Pelton’ (no quotes) will sign you up to receive the verse of the day, and will add your name into the system as ‘James Pelton’.

Joining a Group By Texting In

After subscribing for the account you would like to sign up for, you can also join groups of that account.  For example, after I am a subscriber of the ‘verse-of-the-day’ account, I can text 662-200-4303 ‘join OldTestament’ (no quotes) and I will be added to the ‘Old Testament’ group.

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