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SMS texting is now 24 years old


SMS texting is now 24 years old.

December 3, 1992, marked the first time a text message was sent to a mobile phone.

Of course, the idea of texting between mobile phones didn’t catch on right away. An article from .Mic highlights some of the important moments in texting history.

Monuments of texting history

According to the article, 6 major events paved the way for texting to become the lucrative communication platform that it is today:

  • The introduction of text message-compatible cell phones by Nokia in 1993
  • The creation of T9 (which “enabled devices to predict words based on the previous keys typed”) in 1995
  • The initial manufacturing of phones with an installed keyboard (specifically included to aid in texting) in 1997
  • The rise of the MMS, which is a special text that allows the user to include media in their message, in 2002
  • The popularization of shortcodes in the United States in 2003
  • The introduction of iMessage and the emoji keyboard for Apple devices in 2011

Due to these events and many others, texting is now one of our primary means of communicating. Especially for younger millennials and members of generation Z, it’s difficult to imagine a time when texting wasn’t even a thought in anyone’s mind.

I remember my own family’s transition into the cell phone and texting world in the late 90s and early 2000s. Considering the dates mentioned above, perhaps we were a little behind the times! But texting has proven that it’s not just a passing trend.  It’s almost a quarter of a century old for goodness’ sake.

Texting is here to stay for a long while. It will surely continue to evolve as it has through the past 3 decades and especially as companies such as Apple continue coming up with new ways to bring fresh life to the medium.

I’m excited to see what’s in store for us as we evolve with the times and continue to pursue texting as a unique and creative means of communicating.

Happy birthday, SMS, and happy texting to you all!

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