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Why an SMS Messaging Service Should Be Your #1 Communication Method But Probably Isn’t

SMS messaging for communication

Are you tired of hearing parents and church congregation members say they never receive your messages?

Despite your best efforts to send out regular communications, your messages are still going unnoticed. Or worse, your messages aren’t being delivered at all.

While this is an all too common complaint from many schools, teams, organizations, and churches, it doesn’t have to be that way. Your communication could be as easy as sending a text message with an SMS messaging service.

Today we’ll start by discussing the biggest issues with your current communication methods and then we’ll dive into how you can fix them. Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with how an SMS messaging service works. We’ll explore all the ins and outs of using one too.

Let’s start by analyzing what you’re currently using (and why it may be missing the mark).

Your Current Communication Methods Aren’t Working

What are you currently using to communicate with your parents and church members?


Social media?

Word of mouth?

Are members of your staff calling other parents or members directly?

While these communication methods are the most common, they’re not exactly your best option for staying in touch. With email, for example, your message must compete with hundreds of other messages to get your recipient’s attention. Can you honestly say your email about updated emergency contact numbers has the same appeal as an email loaded with giveaways, new content, or a video from a friend?

Probably not.

Once your email sits unopened, piles of other emails will stack on top and bury it forever. That’s one surefire way to miss the boat with your parents or churchgoers. A similar situation happens with social media.

Ever send out a post – eagerly wait for responses to flood in – and then discover that no one “liked” or commented on it? You probably wondered if anyone even saw it.

It’s no secret that social media and major search engine algorithms are constantly changing, which is why this route is not ideal when it comes to getting your messages across.

If your post isn’t boosted, or backed by some advertising dollars, there’s a good chance it will go totally unnoticed. And just because you’ve thrown money at promoting your social media messages and posts doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to get noticed by the right people, either. These are just a few of the downsides of using social media as your only method of communication.

So, that leaves you with calling your members directly and using word of mouth.

Not only are these methods time consuming, they can also quickly become a “telephone game” where the original message is completely lost in translation. Most of us are bombarded with a handful of phone calls from unknown numbers every day. And most people admit they’re less likely to answer a call from a phone number they don’t recognize. Someone from your team could end up spending quite a few hours contacting members without much luck in actually reaching anyone.

Luckily, there’s a better alternative. When you use an SMS messaging service, you’ll easily tackle these issues (and more!) and reach the right people every time.

SMS Messaging Services Ensure Your Message is Delivered Instantly

Think about the last time you sent a text today. How fast did it go through? For most people, the answer is within seconds.

SMS messaging delivers instantly

As you’ve already experienced, text messages are delivered almost instantly. This speediness is due to the fact that text messages don’t require internet access.

That’s why text messages are such a great option for sending quick updates and important changes to parents and church members.

We’ll talk more about this next.

You Don’t Need an Internet Connection to Use SMS Messages

Even if your phone is in a no-WiFi zone (gasp!), you’ll still be able to receive a text message.

Unlike email, texts don’t run off the internet or require a WiFi connection. Instead, they’re delivered using the data network of your SMS messaging service. So, just like when you go to make a phone call, you’re running off the same technology, only with a text. This means your texts will still get delivered whether your subscribers are on the field at soccer practice or at their desks at work.

No WiFi connection, no problem.

Plus, there’s nothing to download with text messages so your members won’t have to waste their expensive data just to stay in the loop. By using an SMS messaging service, you’ll ensure that your messages are always delivered and accessible to everyone in your organization.

And since anyone with a cell phone can receive a text message, you widen the pool of parents and members to connect with.

You Also Don’t Need a Smartphone to Use Text Messages

If your parents or church members don’t have a smartphone, they won’t be able to see your emails or social media communications on-the-go since they lack the technology and internet access to do so.

But this is not the case with text messages.

As long as the members in your organization have a cell phone, they’ll be able to read your text messages.

This makes a huge difference in whether your messages are seen for organizations with older members. After all, even though it seems like everyone is on Facebook, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Another perk you’ll gain from using an SMS messaging service is that you’ll never have to compete with an overflowing inbox again.

Text Message Also Bypass Crowded Inboxes and Have a Much Higher Open Rate

As we touched on earlier, most of us are buried under 100+ emails each day.

If you’ve been struggling with lower-than-expected open rates and you can’t pinpoint what’s to blame, it’s not your fault. With those kinds of odds, it’s no wonder no one sees your messages.

But you can make your life easier with an SMS messaging service. Text messages earn open rates that score well above the average — at nearly 99% – and help you bypass overflowing voicemail boxes, too. Even if your recipient’s voicemail is full, your message will still get delivered.

All of this translates to better communication within your organization.

By Using an SMS Messaging Service, You’ll Improve Your Organization’s Communication

Communication issues can greatly impact any organization.

If a change of location message is missed, for instance, your entire fundraiser could be a wash and all of your hard work would be wasted.

But, by using an SMS messaging service, you’ll never have to face this issue.

Your messages will have a higher chance of getting both delivered and opened which means your messages will always get noticed. Plus, since they don’t require internet access or smartphone capabilities, anyone in your organization can easily stay in the loop.

To learn more about how an SMS messaging service will improve communication for your team, organization, or church, visit this page.

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