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How Does SMS Marketing Work?

So you’ve thought about sending out texts to market your business or organization. But how does SMS marketing work?

Can you just grab your database and start sending them messages?

What kinds of messages can/should you send?

Here I’ll describe the process of getting subscribers loaded in and briefly discuss what kinds of messages you should be sending to market yourself.

how does sms marketing work

To make SMS marketing work, get consent.

When it comes to marketing, especially if you’re selling a product, you’ll need to get consent from the recipients.

This helps ensure your recipients actually want to receive messages and helps save you from legal problems.

At we have a couple of tools that can help you in the consent process. Your account comes with a free keyword people can text in order to opt in. You also get a free web sign-up page people can use to sign up online.

To make SMS marketing work, send relevant messages

In order to make text marketing effective you need to send messages that are relevant to your recipient.

You don’t want to send twenty-year-olds marketing texts about denture sales.

It’s also not the best strategy to have eighty-year-olds in a group to receive texts about textbook sales.

You’ll want to send out info that pertains to the audience you’re trying to reach. Otherwise you run the risk of them opting out! (More on that in the next point.)

If you have a varied audience you can segment your list to help target your messages.

To make SMS marketing work, provide a way to opt out.

You don’t want to spend money sending messages to people who are unengaged.

You also don’t want to get into any legal trouble! So you’ll want to provide an easy way for people to opt out of your messages.

With our system at people can opt out simply by replying with the word “stop” to any of your messages.

What do you send?

So now that you’ve got a bit of an idea of how SMS marketing works, what kinds of messages should you be sending?

Here are some ideas to help get you started:

  • Special deals (“Buy one get one free!”)
  • Discounts (“25% off clearance!”)
  • Limited promotions (“Today only! $5 off your purchase!”)
  • Announcements (“Introducing our new product!”)

Ultimately you know your business and your customer base best so you would be most aware of the best kinds of messages to send them.

With the right plan in place you just might find amazing success! 🙂

Try a free test text alert test account today!

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