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SMS Marketing Tips for Salons & Spas: How to Capture Repeat Business

SMS Marketing for Salons

Are you struggling to capture repeat business at your salon or spa?

Does it seem like the only way you and your team get customers back in your chairs is by scheduling their next appointment as they’re finishing up their current service with you?

Many salon and spa owners struggle with repeat business if they don’t schedule their customer’s next appointment right away.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to fix this situation with a business SMS, as you’ll see in this guide.

We’ll be covering the top four ways you can improve your salon’s repeat business and customer service scores using SMS marketing today.

To start, here’s how you should touch base with your customers once they leave your salon or spa.

#1: Use Follow-Up Reminders

What happens when your customers don’t know their schedule or have a few hectic weeks ahead, and are unsure of when they’ll be able to come back in?

Your plan to sign them up for their next appointment while they’re in-house doesn’t quite work here.

So does your team have a process in place to follow up with these customers in a timely manner?

If not, this is a good area to focus on when it comes to your SMS marketing strategy.

It’s not that hard to do, either.

First, create a master follow-up spreadsheet in Excel or Google Sheets.

Create a few separate tabs to keep everything organized. Here are a few ideas for your tabs:

  • Customers who were unable to schedule that day
  • Customers who have been absent for a while
  • Special circumstance customers

Let’s start with your first tab.

These customers should receive a follow-up text when they’re due for their next service.

In your spreadsheet, jot down the customer’s name, phone number, date of last visit, and the date they should come back in (ideally).

The last date is going to be the one your team uses to gauge whether or not this customer needs a reminder.

For customers who haven’t visited in a while, use the same organizational details — name, phone number, date of last visit, etc. — and set up specific times to touch base.

Now you’ll want to add another column showing the date you last sent customers in this group an appointment reminder text.

Determine when you want your team to reach out again (think: in one week, one month, six weeks, etc.) to give your customers a chance to schedule without annoying them.

As for your special circumstance customers, think about any glaring reasons that may be preventing your customer from coming in, such as a marriage, move, new baby, or recent trip.

Customers in this category need a bit more time to sort through bigger issues, which means they’ll be less interested in scheduling their next visit.

As a courtesy and to show how exceptional your customer service is, note the reason for their absence in your spreadsheet and jot down when this person should be available again.

This will help you and your team schedule a follow-up text at just the right time.

Each day, have your team prepare these reminder texts and send them out. You’ll increase your repeat business in no time just by reminding customers they’ve been MIA.

Plus, by creating this efficient system, you’ll improve your customer service scores too.

This next strategy can also motivate your customers to step foot in your salon or spa.

#2: Send Promotional Offers

Is your salon running any holiday specials?

How about discounts for social media followers?

No matter what the offer is, text messages are a great way to get your promotions out and in front of customers.

Often you’ll pique the interest of customers who simply need a little nudge to come back.

You may even spark those who were patiently waiting for something more in line with their budget.

SMS Service for salons

At any rate, sending promotional offers via text can help you capture more repeat business.

The next strategy works in the same way.

#3: Introduce New Services or Products

Text messages can also help you introduce new products or services your salon is featuring or offering.

Did you recently add a nail tech or massage therapist to your hair salon?

Or are you trying out the latest clay formula for your facials?

Let your customers know by sending them a text about what’s new and exciting, and you’ll increase your chances of them booking their next visit.

It also doesn’t hurt to incentivize the offer further by throwing in a discount for those brave customers willing to try out what’s new at your salon!

This next strategy is one that packs a double-punch by improving both your customer service and your bottom line.

#4: Send Thank You Texts

While a good portion of today’s guide focused on getting your clients to schedule their next appointment, it’s also crucial you end their last visit on a good note.

Otherwise, your customers will be less inclined to come back for a second (or third) visit.

So even before you start focusing on your follow ups, create another system that sends your clients “thank you” text messages a few hours after their service.

If possible, be specific in your messages so your customers receive the same personalized attention via text that they did at your salon.

By doing this, you’ll create a positive and lasting impression that stays with your customers right up until their next appointment.

Not only that, your “thank you” text may inspire your customer to share their positive experience with their friends and family, which can increase your chances of adding new clients to your salon.

Reach your customers with Business SMS

Fine-Tune Your SMS Marketing Strategy Today

If you’re not already using text messages at your salon or spa, or you don’t have a solid SMS marketing strategy in place, use today’s guide as your blueprint to get started.

Create two systems — one for “thank you” texts and one for follow-ups — to keep the process organized and efficient.

It’s also a good idea to consider what promotions or new products or services you can highlight via text.

Send these out to customers on a regular basis, and you’ll quickly see an increase in your salon’s repeat business.

You may even score a nice uptick in new customers, too!

To get started with a business SMS service, check out this page and begin your free 14-day trial now!

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  • Very well explain the use of SMS marketing within Salons and Spa industry. As a business person, I understand the value of repeat business which can be only done when we communicate with customers and SMS marketing is one of the best communication channels as this directly reach to their inbox.

  • Hey James, Today if you want stability in your business then you have to connect with your customer and its a big challenge to provide good service and satisfaction so its right way to connect.thanks for sharing…