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SMS Drip Campaigns: How Can They Benefit You?

Email drip campaigns are a popular marketing tool to help drive sales and increase engagement. But did you know you can also run SMS drip campaigns?

SMS drip campaigns can be a personal and effective way to reach your audience.

Potentially they can be even more powerful than email drip campaigns because they reach your audience in a more personal medium. This also helps ensure a better open rate for your messages!

So what are SMS drip campaigns and how can they help your business/organization?

sms drip campaigns

What Are SMS Drip Campaigns?

A drip campaign is a series of messages you set up to go out over specified time intervals.

For example, you may have a campaign set up to send out one message immediately when someone signs up, then another message the next day, another message a week later, and so on. This continues until the campaign is completed or the recipient opts out.

You can see how this kind of campaign can be effective in engaging audiences (if done right)!

With a service such as our text alert system at you can set up such a series of text messages.

How do you go about SMS drip campaigns?

1. Plan your SMS drip campaigns carefully

Since drip campaigns should be all set up and good to go ahead of time, you’ll want to carefully think about the purpose for your campaign and what kind of content you want to include.

I-Scoop points out the importance of establishing your aim and lining up content for an email campaign, and the principle would apply to SMS campaigns as well.

You’ll want to think about what action you would like your audience to take and how each message contributes to that goal.

2. Put your subscribers in the right segments

I-Scoop emphasizes the importance of segmenting your list so that subscribers are set up to receive the right kinds of messages.

Your drip campaigns will not yield results if people are receiving messages that have no relevancy to them, and you’ll likely experience a high number of opt-outs.

A good drip campaign tool will allow you to organize subscribers into groups and send messages according to these groupings.

3. Make sure people are opting in

To avoid any trouble you’ll want to make sure people are opting in to receive texts from you before they are put on any campaigns.

A text alert system such as ours at will have methods people can use to opt in (i.e., texting in a keyword to a particular number, or signing up using an online form).

You should also make the opt-out method clear (i.e., replying “stop” will opt subscribers out).

With some good planning and experimentation you can experience the benefits of SMS drip campaigns and become a texting pro!

Try a free test account today!

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