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How to Simplify Communication for 6 Fall Church Events

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Leaves fall.

People come home from vacation.

The hectic busyness of life starts up again.

The fall season is just around the corner, if not already in full swing. The normal schedule of our busy lives begins yet again.

For a church, this usually means the reinstatement of regular fall church events, children’s programs such as AWANA, and many adult programs.

How can you make the transition easier this fall? Here are 6 fall church events at which you can use text alerts to simplify your communication.

  1. AWANA

Sending out text alerts is a perfect method to inform parents about AWANA. You can let them know what materials/supplies to purchase, when to drop off and pick up their kids, which Bible stories their kids are going over during lesson time, and other important info.

You can even use text alerts to coordinate the adult volunteers and let them know where to be and what’s going on.

  1. Fall kick-off

At our church we have a “fall kick-off” event every year at the end of summer. The musicians put on a concert and we all have a catered picnic, often accompanied by games and occasionally by skits or videos.

Your church can put on a big event like this, and you can use text alerts to update people on dates, times, and details. Increase attendance by sending reminders so that people remember to show up!

  1. College Bible study

If you live anywhere that has a college nearby, fall is the perfect time to get a college-aged Bible study up and running. With high school graduates transitioning to adulthood and college transfer students coming in from out of town, this is a prime time to get new people involved.

College young people especially will resonate when you use text alerts to get the word out and organize this kind of event.

  1. Other youth Bible studies

Similar to college studies, fall is an ideal time to start Bible studies for high school and junior high students. It’s a time of great transition for these young tweens and teens and a Bible study is just what they need to help keep them grounded.

Teens love being connected, so text alerts is a perfect method to coordinate a youth group Bible study. You can get the parents involved too so that everyone is in the loop.

  1. Fall festival

Many churches host a “fall festival” in October as an alternative to Halloween. Children and adults dress up in fun costumes and play carnival-style games.  The winners receive candy or other prizes.

An event like this requires a lot of coordination. Parents and volunteers need to be made aware of dates, times, and rules. Text alerts can get this information out to them.

  1. Thanksgiving praise night

With fall comes Thanksgiving! An appropriate even to coincide with Thanksgiving is a praise night. You can set up potluck event where church members bring their favorite fall food and have a night of singing and feasting together.

Again, text alerts are a perfect means to communicate the details for this kind of event, such as when and where the event will be held. Send messages letting people know what to bring and what to expect. You might be amazed by the responsiveness!

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