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Sending Text Reminders? Here’s How!

Sending text reminders can be a hugely effective way to get people to show up to events, sales, and appointments!

It’s also quick and easy. 🙂

Here are a few quick tips to walk you through!

sending text reminders

Sending Text Reminders for Sales

Many people use text alerts to get people to show up to their sales.

In particular many independent direct sales retailers, such as LuLaRoe or Paparazzi, send text reminders/notifications to let people know when they are doing a live sale on Facebook.

If you’re sending text reminders like this, you might go through the following process.

  • Craft a succinct and appealing message letting people know about the sale.
  • Include brief details about the sale and enticing language to get people to come.
  • Try to keep the message under 160 characters if you can so that he message doesn’t split into multiple. (If you can’t keep it under 320 characters consider sending the message as an MMS).
  • If applicable, include a link to the sale in your message.
  • Select the recipients for your message and type out your message on your mass texting platform.
  • Send and watch attendance to your sale rise!

Sending Text Reminders for Events

You may not be a businessman or a salesperson, but you may have events you want to ensure people remember and show up for.

If this is the case, you can follow some of the same points above: you still want to keep your message succinct and appealing and keep it under 160 characters if you can.

If you have a link to a Facebook event or something of that nature you could consider including it in your message.

Sending Text Reminders for Appointments

Sending text reminders is an effective way to help eliminate no-shows for appointments.

You’ll want to make sure you include enough details in your message so that people remember where they’re supposed to go and what time they’re supposed to be there.

You’ll also want to send out the text enough in advance so that people receive it in time to plan.

You can set up appointment reminders manually on your mass texting platform. Our platform at also has an Appointment Reminder we can enable for you upon request to automate the reminder texts. You can read about how that works here.


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